List of paid surveys you can easily join

A great majority of people surfing online are connecting with other people through social networks but there are also numbers of people looking for ways to earn some extra cash. Some are putting up websites that sell products while others blog on various topics that people love to read. There are also some people who perform online tasks such as designing websites, web development or programming.

For those who do not have any skill except clicking a mouse and watching videos on Facebook, then our list of paid surveys would really be practical. Why is this important ? You can possibly earn some money by just just voicing out your opinion honestly as a consumer. Nothing else required, just your opinion. No less than 5 million surveys are available online but we have selected good ones in our list. Join the list of paid surveys so you can have extra cash one of these days.

Global Test Market – A popular site that ranks high in list of paid surveys since this is a real site that wants consumer’s opinion. It accepts participants from UK, Australia, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands and Hong kong. Basically, an excellent reason why we included this in our list of paid surveys because you don’t have to pay anything to join. Usual areas that surveys cover are about movies, restaurants, automobiles, consumer products and current events.

Ipsos – this survey site is a community panel that intends to influence the market by collating the results of the survey through its site.However, take note that they have selected demographics.

Survey for Profit – Offered only in UK , Canada, United States and Australia. You can join for free and prizes range from $10 to as much as $260 per survey.Some rewards include gadgets, I phone and even cars! It’s free and easy to join.

Nielsen AU Surveys – A credible firm – Nielsen conducts surveys for its Fortune 500 clients.

Permission Research – this is a special kind of survey since members have to download software that would reflect the sites they often browse. This site is actually an Internet research panel which is looking into Internet trends and activities. Sponsors need to know which sites are popularly visited by users.

There are tons of online surveys out there but this list of paid surveys is effective in making extra cash.